Workers’ Compensation Telephonic Case Management (TCM) utilizes an experienced Medical Case Manager to assist the claims professional with assuring appropriate, goal-directed, timely medical treatment and facilitation of a consistent, progressive return to work.  This process also assists in facilitating an appropriate and timely resolution of a claim.

When is it appropriate to utilize Telephonic Case Management vs. Field Case Management?

  • Early intervention at the time of injury to determine complexity of the claim
  • Less complex medical conditions
  • Need for initial connection with all stakeholders to coordinate care and obtain early projections for treatment and RTW

Features and Benefits of a TCM program:

  • Nationwide On-line centralized referral process 
  • Early 4-point assessment to determine medical treatment plan and establish RTW potential
  • Facilitate appropriate provider referrals
  • Ongoing treatment evaluation
  • Early communication sets a positive tone at case onset


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