About Us


At CompAlliance, we create and build mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and network providers. Workers' compensation needs vary by client. Our flexibility, strategic partnerships and technical expertise enable us to design custom solutions that support their unique needs.


Utilizing state of the art technology, our management team duplicates many of the efficiencies of larger national companies with the capability to customize our services to meet your specific needs, makes us a powerful resource for clients.

Our ability to expedite accurate payment to providers as well as our expertise in designing efficient workflow solutions ensures healthy outcomes and healthy savings.

  • Serving regional employers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and insurers.
  • Partners with bill review companies and national PPO networks.
  • Best selection of multi-specialty providers and facilities.
  • Custom IT systems for managing and submitting claims.
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CompAlliance prides itself on being the ultimate resource for workers' compensation services in the Midwest.