Why engage the services of a workers’ compensation medical case manager to perform legacy file review and provide recommendations for your “Old Dog” claims? These may be long-term claims for which updated treatment may be now available, or the medical status may have recently changed and additional treatment or services may be recommended.

The Types of Cases for which CompAlliance may have an impact:

  • There may be multiple physicians now treating the recovering worker.
  • The new CDC Opioid Guidelines or updated prescription opioid legislation has been enacted in a specific state. As a result, a second look at current treatment or ongoing opioid use may be warranted. Intervention by a case manager may assist the claims professional in bringing the medical care or medications back under control.
  • Increasing focus and acceptance regarding the concept of transitional duty RTW in the workers’ compensation industry. An assessment to determine if an update to functional capabilities might facilitate a transitional return to work may be beneficial.
  • Any or all of these interventions could yield significant case savings and/or increased quality of life for the recovering worker.
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