Utilization of a comprehensive Initial Vocational Assessment in Workers’ Compensation cases assists the Medical and Vocational Case Managers in their goals of finding the best RTW options for the Recovering Worker including getting them back to work!

An initial timely contact is made with all stakeholders at the time of referral. The specific goals for the referral are clarified with the referral source. All medical records pertinent to the referral are collected, including all operative and therapy reports, and projections by the treating physician as to functional capabilities.

A detailed analysis is performed by the Vocational Consultant to assess the recovering worker’s future appropriate functional capabilities, job skills, and psychosocial status, etc.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) is one of the tools used, along with the Vocational Evaluation and Labor Market Survey, to identify an recovering worker’s return to work options and wage-earning capacity.

This report can provide an avenue for moving a claim towards resolution, job placement activity or settlement out of court.

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