Use of Alternative Transitional Duty in Workers’ Compensation cases assists the Medical and Vocational Case Managers in their goals of keeping the Recovering Worker at work!

CompAlliance recognizes helping recovering workers RTW as soon as medically possible is a high priority.  Returning to work speeds a recovering worker’s recovery and reduces the financial impact of a workers’ compensation claim on the worker, the employer and the workers’ compensation system.  The key is to ACT QUICKLY.  The CompAlliance Alternative Transitional Duty (ATD) programs encourage RTW options much earlier in the claims process; benefiting all stakeholders.

The Vocational Specialist assists the employer to identify transitional tasks and define the essential functional requirements necessary to perform these tasks.  During the program, the Specialist works with the employer, the recovering worker, the physician, and the claims  professional to ensure success and facilitate a progressive return to regular work duties.

As the recovering worker’s functional capabilities increase, the Specialist works with the employer to adjust the functional requirements of the transitional duty position. All stakeholders are kept apprised throughout the process.

Transitional duty at the place of employment or through the CompAlliance ATD program, bridges the timeframe between the initial injury lost time and either a return to regular work duties or when accommodation of residual disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must take place.

When there is no transitional duty available at the worksite, CompAlliance offers our Alternative Transitional Duty (ATD) Program, during which the Vocational Specialist identifies a position for the recovering worker within their current functional capabilities, typically within 3 business days.  The CompAlliance ATD program includes locating an alternative transitional duty position for your recovering worker, making all notifications regarding this position and tracking and emailing all attendance information to the requested parties after placement.

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