A Job Analysis documents the Functional Requirements of an Injured Worker’s Job in the Workers’ Compensation setting.

A Functional Demand Analysis (Job Analysis) is Obtained for a Variety of Reasons:

  • To assist in determining causation
  • When the employer does not have a functional job description for the job of injury, or the job description may be outdated or not detailed enough
  • To share with an IME or treating physician when addressing RTW
  • An FCE or Work Hardening is scheduled, and documentation of functional requirements are needed.
  • There is no projected RTW date
  • Employer states no modified duty is available
  • The physician is documenting restrictions and the injured worker is telling the physician he cannot perform his duties within those restrictions
  • There is a discrepancy between the injured worker and employer description of functional requirements for a position
  • Multiple claims for a specific worker or a position
  • Verify a temporary or new permanent position is functionally appropriate

A Job Analysis Provides:

  • On-site review of the position including Measurements, Video Documentation and/or Photographs
  • Written Description of Job Duties, Functional Requirements and Frequency of Requirements to perform Job Duties
  • Employer Verification and Signing off on the accuracy of the Job Duties and Requirements
  • Information to all Stakeholders – Claims Professional, Case Manager, Legal Team, and Medical Providers
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