Keeping Your Newly “Stay Home, Work Safe” Employees’ Worksite Safe

Your Employees Working from Home Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic May Find Their Makeshift Office is a Literal Pain in Their Neck.

“Many people don’t have proper office chairs at home, and working for extended periods of time at their kitchen counter or hunched over a coffee table is not great for their body or overall health”, Eric Robertson, a physical therapist for the American Physical Therapy Association tells CNBC Make It. Your staff will need to be extra aware of their posture and routine, so they can combat the stress and strain that might come from working in a compromised position. Typically your staff may be used to responding to a few emails or writing a quick report from home over the weekend, but this extended work from home timeframe is a different story.

Now is the time to review your staff’s work-at-home setup and make sure it’s ergonomically sound for their spinal health. CompAlliance’s Ergonomic Assessment and Training Team are here to help!

Why Ergonomic Training Now?

Ergonomic Assessments are a structured approach for identifying risk factors associated with overexertion injuries and disorders. Overexertion injuries and disorders, such as low back pain, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, are the leading cause of work-related disabilities and Workers’ Compensation costs in the United States and other industrialized nations. The CompAlliance Ergonomic Webinar takes into account the most commonly experienced problems in that stay-at-home workplace.

CompAlliance has the Experience in Virtual Ergonomic Training to Help your Team Now!

CompAlliance traditionally has had a substantial percentage of our staff who work-at-home. Our Vocational Staff are also Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists (CEAS) and have been providing both in-person and virtual Ergonomic webinar training for our clients and our own staff over the years. In addition to the webinars we can provide to groups of your staff, providing them training and tips that allow them to make simple changes to their workstation using items they already have in their home, the Vocational Specialist can also upon request, FaceTime an individual worker who is having more difficulty in appropriately arranging their new workstation.

These services are very economical to utilize. Contact us at to discuss your company’s requirements. We are honored to provide assistance for your staff                      during this trying time.