When a return to work at the pre-injury level is not an achievable goal, CompAlliance’s nationally certified Vocational Specialists will work with the recovering worker towards the ultimate goal of returning the individual to the original employer  or other employment consistent with their functional capabilities and skills.

Even with the finest workers’ compensation medical case management, there are occasions when a recovering worker’s post injury functional capabilities will prevent a return to their job of injury.

CompAlliance Vocational Services produce successful outcomes. We define success as:

  • RTW
  • Job offered but not accepted
  • Documented lack of adherence to rehabilitation plan
  • Ability to help bring to settlement with Labor Market Survey information
  • Testimony resulting in an objective decision during the judicial process

Early intervention results in early and timely treatment and facilitates informed decision-making. These URAC accredited services include telephonic or field and full or task assignments.

CompAlliance Vocational Specialists advocate the Implementation of an Early Intervention Vocational Program.