Case Management in Action October 2, 2020

Are all Vocational Case Management Companies Alike? That is a statement I have heard on several occasions when speaking with a potential client as to the advantages when working with the CompAlliance Vocational Department. They frequently do not believe there is a good reason to consider working with a [...]

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What Type of Return to Work Services Support can Vocational Case Management Provide?

Vocational Case Management Process Supporting Return to Work A supported interactive mutually agreed upon [by the Vocational Specialist and Recovering Worker (RW)] Vocational Rehabilitation Plan will result in an outcome of placement. If there is noted non-adherence to the vocational plan, you can anticipate receiving clear and objective documentation [...]

2020-04-15T15:14:44-05:00April 15th, 2020|

5 Best Practices when Considering Vocational Case Management for your Employees

WHEN THE RECOVERING WORKER IS UNABLE TO RETURN TO THE JOB OF INJURY WITH THE EMPLOYER Even with the finest medical case management, on occasion a recovering worker’s post injury functional capabilities will prevent a return to their job of injury with the employer. When a return to work at [...]

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Penicillin, Pacemakers, Milk Duds & Alternative Transitional Duty

Sometimes, discoveries happen when we least expect them or processes evolve in ways we hadn't anticipated.  One case in point would be the invention of penicillin, and Pacemakers were a byproduct of research on hypothermia. Serendipity happens with all kinds of everyday products, too.  One of my personal favorite is [...]

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