June is Brain Health Awareness Month

Thought I would share some great information from the CDC with a lot of links to address the CDC's suggestions to improve brain health. According to a recent CDC study, people with one or more chronic health conditions were more likely to report more frequent or worsening memory problems, also called subjective [...]

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5 Best Practices to Look for when Considering the Services of a Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management / Utilization Review Provider

Utilization Management / Utilization Review (UM/UR) is an Effective Tool to Assure the Recovering Worker Receives the Most Appropriate Treatment, with a Goal of Return to Health and Function. CompAlliance believes there is a difference between a proactive Utilization Management approach and a reactive Utilization Review approach when facilitating [...]

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5 Best Practices to Consider When Evaluating a Medical Case Management Provider for your Employees

When Should You Use the Services of a Field-based Case Manager? Field-Based Case Management is the process of utilizing a Medical Case Manager to assist the claims professional with assuring appropriate, goal-directed, timely medical treatment and facilitating a consistent, progressive return to work program with the goal of an [...]

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5 Best Practices when Considering Alternative Transitional Duty for your Employees

Introduction to your Employee's Alternative Transitional Duty Program When an employee experiences injury, illness, or disability that causes him or her to lose time from work, he or she will likely interact with, at a minimum, medical practitioners and claims administrators. These professionals have their own specialized responsibilities and [...]

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France’s Approach to the Opioid Epidemic – Part 3 in a series

In 1987, Health Minister Michèle Barzach imposed the liberalization of syringe sales in France. For a long time, the struggle against HIV rested on this political measure alone. In Europe, buprenorphine for the treatment of opiate addiction was first registered in France and by the year 2000 was available [...]

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Are there Alternatives to the Opioid Epidemic the United States is not Considering?

Frequent readers of my blog may recall my multiple articles on different aspects of the epidemic as it relates to the workers’ compensation industry, and how CompAlliance has structured their Opioid Protocols as a result. On June 6, 2018, in my article, Opioid Limits on Prescribing – Has the [...]

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Part 3 The Ethical Responsibility to Manage Pain and the Suffering it Causes

In Part 1 of this series I touched on the ANA Position Statement providing ethical guidance and support to nurses and some of the responsibilities a nurse has when managing a patient in pain. I was asked after publishing Part 1 why a Case Manager would be responsible for [...]

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What Does National Accreditation Mean to You as a Consumer of Healthcare?

I attended the IAIABC “CompCon 2019” in San Diego this week.  One of the sessions was a round-table between the Heads of Delegations from various states in the US, International Representatives from Germany, Canada, Russia and New South Wales and the IAIABC Associate Members (typically vendors who provide a [...]

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Better Health through Better Partnerships

  Last week I attended the CCMC case management conference. I usually attend the WCRI conference every year and this year the schedule for the two conferences conflicted. I missed WCRI and #1 felt a little bit left out, and #2 it was in Arizona instead of Boston in February, [...]

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Workers that do not Return to Work (RTW) experience a significant reduction in their overall income.  There is a potential for delayed RTW and/or RTW to an inappropriate position due to absent or delayed communications with employers or the claims professional. As case managers, we refer to the Case [...]

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