Recently Diann Cohen of MacroPro and I chatted about a variety of topics pertinent to the workers’ compensation industry.

It was really exciting as I have not really been interviewed that often, but other than some awkward pauses, I ended up enjoying the process.

What I enjoyed the most about this process was the opportunity to share some thoughts about the IAIABC and the benefits of belonging to this organization. I have been an editor of the Perspectives magazine for over a year now and as a case manager I am able to provide input into topics that we explore. This is rather unique in the workers’ compensation industry.  In general, though case managers play a pivotal role in ensuring quality, appropriate medical care is provided for the recovering worker, you rarely see a case manager in a senior role in a TPA or insurance company, except over a case management division. I am hopeful that will change.

I also got to share my thoughts about the importance of changing what we call the “claimant”.  I truly believe words matter.  As a result at CompAlliance, a mitchell | Genex company we are beginning to refer to the “claimant” as a recovering worker. We have instituted a shared decision making process where we work with the recovering worker and the treatment provider from Day one to explore treatment and RTW options.

I hope you enjoy this interview.