CompAlliance completed a mid-cycle monitoring review related to our URAC Case Management Accreditation on April 11, 2017.  We received notification on Wednesday April 12, 2017 that our organization was considered compliant with the URAC mandatory standards for Case Management as of the date of the review.  In their notification they documented:

It is a hallmark of a quality organization to maintain URAC accreditation requirements.  Thank you for choosing URAC as your accrediting organization.

CompAlliance remains a supporter of the need for URAC accreditation for companies performing Case Management in the Workers’ Compensation arena. URAC accreditation ensures standards of nursing and rehabilitation practice, current and updated case management practices, and that evidence based approaches are integrated into a company’s policies and procedures. It provides the tools and guidance to implement and integrate these initiatives into the case management product.

While we at CompAlliance truly believe this accreditation verified the excellence with which we were already performing case management, it also served a very useful purpose at the same time.  It certainly ensured we as a company reviewed all policies, procedures, etc. with a very critical eye, and ensured the services we perform are based on current best practices.

URAC Accreditation is a Consumer Based Accreditation

When working with plaintiff attorneys we are able to point to the fact that this is a consumer based accreditation, and as such our goal is always to work towards mutually beneficial approaches to goal-directed facilitation of care for their clients.

CompAlliance Serving on the URAC Case Management Advisory Group

Linda Van Dillen of CompAlliance was invited to serve as a member of the newly forming “Case Management Advisory Group.”  We will be working to assist URAC in updating its Case Management Accreditation Program.

As chronic diseases in an aging population continue to consume a disproportionate share of healthcare costs, providers are finding ways to deliver care in a value-based economy. Case Management is one of the primary tools for delivering that value. Your participation along with other industry thought leaders will help ensure our program reflects the latest industry trends and is responsive to public and private healthcare reform initiatives.

URAC is an Independent Leader in Promoting Healthcare Quality

Founded in 1990, URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality, consumer protection, and empowerment through accreditation, certification, and performance measures. A nonprofit organization with nearly 30 accreditation and certification programs, URAC uses a broad stakeholder-based transparent process for the development, maintenance, and implementation of measures and standards.

URAC’s evidence-based measures and standards are developed through inclusive engagement with a broad range of stakeholders (including consumers of healthcare), committed to improving the quality of health care. As such, CompAlliance utilizes evidence-based, and/or clinical practice guidelines. The URAC guidelines instruct that clinical outcomes should be benchmarked against evidence-based or clinical practical guidelines where applicable.