I was reading Bob’s Cluttered Desk and noticed an article encouraging a WorkersCompensation.com Best Blog Contest. This competition is to recognize those of us in the workers’ compensation community who provide “top quality, cutting edge, informative content”.

Or as Bob puts it, “or at least those of you who can spell fairly well.”

Now I know some of the old classic blogs written by PBMs, W/C news outlets, MSA providers, National TPAs and Insurers, etc. are going to receive the top nominations, and rightly so. I notice many of them get nominated for the medical management category. I personally think we should also consider other options in this category, if nothing else but to provide some variety.

What about considering for nomination your favorite “little guy(gal)” blog that addresses topical issues like opioids, the profession of case management, issues in medical marijuana, explanation of services that can improve the quality of care and facilitation of RTW for our recovering workers through the story of Milk Duds, or to explain the importance of integrating cultural diversity in collaborative care through the story of the Double V?


My blog, CompTalk just happens to have posted items regarding all of these “top quality, cutting edge, informative” topics, or at least people that know me, namely my daughter, told me they qualified for this categorization.

Now like Bob Wilson, I would never be so bold as to encourage or solicit nominations from the general public. But like Bob, I too have seen other bloggers promoting their blogs for nomination, and think that they may have the right idea, as people do need reminders sometimes. So, if you were thinking, “I should nominate Linda Van Dillen’s CompTalk Blog”, but forgot to do it because you were too busy getting those recovering workers back to work, here is a little reminder.

I do want to thank Bob for his model of modesty and a guide as to how to proceed in bringing forth to you the reader, the information on the Best Blog Contest. I have truly enjoyed posting articles relevant to the workers’ compensation industry and case management profession and hope you have enjoyed reading them. If so, feel free to click on this medal below: