CompAlliance will be exhibiting again this year at the NWCDC. One or more of our service lines have been supporting and exhibiting at this conference since 1998!  So why should you take the time to stop by, surely you have heard it all before, right?  Wrong!

I read a blog post recently talking about the one-stop shop Managed Care Organizations, and how they have failed to provide the customer service a discriminating self-insured employer, insurance company or TPA requires and deserves; that it is almost impossible to provide excellent customer service when you are providing varied service lines out of the same company.

What if we could prove that wrong?  Well CompAlliance has proved this wrong!  How can I say this? What is the proof?

First a bit of news about our company.  We have been slowly and steadily adding to our Managed Care Services Product Line over the past five years. Our goal is to provide support to employers and injured workers in their efforts for successful RTW as soon as medically appropriate in the most cost-effective manner, without compromising quality.  Should that injured worker be unable to return to work and requires ongoing medical care, our Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Solutions focus on providing enhanced value to our clients every day with hands-on service and a wide range of top quality products.

To accomplish this goal, we carefully looked at the services we were providing, what additional areas of services we wanted to incorporate into our service line and how we could do this in a way that we continued to provide the individualized attention our national and regional clients had come to expect from our company.

We started as a Bill Review and PPO organization, and then branched into the Case Management arena. We spoke with our clients to determine what services in which regions of the country, they would like us to provide. With subsequent acquisitions we worked to meet those needs. These acquisitions were brought on slowly and carefully to ensure no interruptions in service or quality. Each of these acquisitions of a new service offering has maintained members of the existing management team from the previous company who then oversee and report directly to the President of CompAlliance. The Executive Team meets twice monthly to ensure seamless integration of all services.

Now the proof for our assertion that CompAlliance as a company offering multiple lines of services, can and does provide the quality our clients deserve and demand:


  • CompAlliance became URAC accredited for Case Management and W/C Utilization Management and were successfully re-accredited this year for an additional three years for both programs.
  • As part of our Quality Assurance follow-ups, we survey our referral sources, the employer and the consumer. We track this information and report on it quarterly.
  • Any concerns brought up by any of these groups are responded to within 24 hours by a supervisor directly responsible to the service line.
  • We track these concerns on a Quality Assurance Log. There is always an appeal resource available if the alternatives offered to address their concern do not fully satisfy the concern.
  • CompAlliance satisfaction ratings hover around 4.8 – 5.0 out of 5.0 on a consistent basis.

Back to that first question – Why stop by and visit us at Booth 5312? We would like to talk to you about those tried and true services, but also our new service offerings! Following are quotes from some of the staff who will be at our booth, about some of the services we will be highlighting at the conference:

“I look forward to speaking with attendees about How to achieve Medicare compliant settlements without overfunding the risk. There is a lot of mixed messages in the industry right now about how to approach MSAs in today’s settlement environment, and we can help cut through the confusion and establish programs that provide measurable cost-avoidance in a simple and effective way.” Jon Gunter, President, MEDVAL

“I am excited to share with the attendees, information about our innovative NurseNow program and how we can help mitigate high cost Emergency Room visits and customize a program to meet their needs.” Jennifer Kuhn, Director of Regional Sales, CompAlliance

“I look forward to sharing information about our case management software, VCMS, a turnkey software solution that enables the case manager to focus on outcomes for the injured worker rather than worrying about billing rules or special handling instructions. VCMS does that for you, and I am excited to share with you how this software can be tailored to meet the needs of your Case Management or Utilization Management company.” Tony Partida, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Advocate Technology Solutions

It’s going to be a great conference and it will be even better if YOU stop by and visit!