I attended a webinar yesterday on trends to watch for in workers’ compensation and one of the themes was about sharing the impact we as companies in this industry make on society and being proud of the job and services we perform.  I was always taught as a youngster to be modest and not “toot your own horn”.  However, with all the bad press out there we do actually need to share our impact and be proud of the services we provide.

Additionally, studies show the millennials out there want to make an impact and are attracted to companies that further this type of agenda.  So, to that purpose we are going against that ingrained modesty that the greatest generation inserted into our psyche and will share some photos from 2016.  The CompAlliance staff are encouraged to volunteer in the community and each year are provided one paid day to do so.  In 2016 we voted to support the Habitat for Humanity for this project.  Following are photos of our staff volunteering in Chicago, KC, St. Louis, Aurora, IL and Springfield, MO.  We at CompAlliance are proud of our staff and their compassion and willingness to serve.

We look forward to making an even larger impact in 2017.