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Wow, is it just me or was April a really long month? So much has changed – we have learned so much.

On April 1st, I posted a blog article in CompTalk titled:

How Does a Company Stay Nimble and Responsive When Handed a Bag of Lemons (or in this case a big, bad Coronavirus?)

What Did We Need to Find Out?

Immediately as it became clear that this Coronavirus was not something that was going to just disappear, or that we in the luckiest country in the world, were not going to be able to avoid, our CompAlliance President, Jim Weir, met with our Sales Team and Executive Committee and requested us to call each of the clients we serve. We were instructed to inquire as to how they were doing, and find out what were their needs right now?

At the same time, the Executive Committee was requested to enact the contingency plans we had formed during our Disaster Planning exercises over the past years.  Most of our staff already work virtually, so we then formed a plan for as many of the remainder of the staff to “Stay Home, Work Safe” as possible. We also looked at our potential equipment needs for the next 6 months and determined if our current reserve of supplies and equipment was adequate, and if not, where do we increase?

We documented this plan, Responding to the Coronavirus and Business Continuity Best Practices for our stakeholders directly on our website.

This blog article went on to describe the virtual crisis intervention services CompAlliance developed for our clients and recovering workers during this pandemic.

Our first priority is the safety of our staff, our clients and the Recovering Workers we serve! We are hopeful as we approach May for the safe and gradual re-opening of our country. CompAlliance is here to assist!

To demonstrate the importance of the Recovering Worker



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