CompAlliance Website is New and Improved

Over the past few months CompAlliance has been re-designing our website. We wanted to make it even more secure, responsive and informative.

Our 2019 award winning CompTalk Blog is now front and center on our Home page. So is the CompAlliance Twitter feed.  We share items of interest pertinent to the workers’ compensation industry on both the blog and twitter feed. Don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletters and the CompTalk blog.

The CompAlliance Website is Optimized for Mobile Applications

The CompAlliance website is now optimized for your cell phone. Try it; give us a call by just clicking on the number.

CompAlliance has been innovating and our product and service information is streamlined and updated to reflect these innovations. These innovations were based on both research into best practices and just listening to our clients!

We added graphics that we think reflect a more diverse population and help to describe our services better.

Meet the CompAlliance Recovering Worker

We introduced the CompAlliance symbol of the Recovering Worker.  Our Recovering Worker graces our front page and headlines pages. He is also on our Services pages and helps to describe services provided for the worker, employer and referral source.

We Want to Hear Your Thoughts

Check out the PPO Network information and our CompInsights Service line. These services round out our Bill Review and PPO services.  We are excited to share with you our thoughts on what is new in Bill Review. Yes, cost savings are important, but more importantly, how do we as an industry determine quality care and its true impact on the cost of the claim?  We would be happy to discuss with you our thoughts.

And finally, as a URAC accredited Case Management and Utilization Management company we dive deeper into how we define success.  We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!