This is a photo of Tracy Redburn, Case Manager

Meet Tracy Redburn RN, CCM. She is a workers’ compensation medical case manager for CompAlliance, based out of the Cape Girardeau, MO area.

Tracy worked with a recovering worker (RW), a 44 y/o female, working as a home health care attendant prior to her reported injury. She described injuring her mid-back area while lifting.  The RW had been receiving treatment for this condition since the November 2019, injury date. This case was referred for field case management to CompAlliance in May 2020. According to the medical records the RW was diagnosed with sciatica and chronic back pain with ongoing work restrictions.

Records were Noted to be Missing

Following a detailed review of the medical records available at the time of referral, Tracy determined there were additional medical records that the treating physician had not received and had not reviewed when he initially treated the RW. Tracy facilitated receipt of these additional medical records by physically going to the location, securing the additional medical records and hand-delivering them to the treating physician.

Tracy requested the physician comment further on the RW’s condition & symptoms in light of these additional records, and whether the ongoing need for treatment and work status was still an acute work-related issue.  Tracy also obtained a job description from the employer to clarify the functional requirements of the RW’s position, which was presented to the physician at the follow-up evaluation.

Return to Work Facilitated

At the follow-up evaluation, after examining the RW and reviewing this additional information, the physician opined only a portion of the RW’s symptoms & condition were a result of the work related injury and a portion of the issues the RW was currently experiencing were due to chronic pre-existing issues.

The treating physician released the RW to full duty work at that examination and did not have any further treatment to recommend for the work related injury.

New Business Relationship Established

This case was referred to CompAlliance by a new client. The RTW Coordinator for the insurance company was understandably appreciative and complimentary of the work performed by Ms. Redburn. She stated she has noted the CompAlliance case managers are proactive in their approach, timely in their communications and collaborative in their communication. She believes the CompAlliance case managers think outside the box and are making a positive impact on their claims.

Thank you Tracy for your hard work on this claim!