Kindness and Workers’ Compensation – Are they Compatible?

Today is World Kindness Day. On this day, participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organizations. What does that have to do with workers’ compensation? I have attended multiple sessions at [...]

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It is Time to Nominate the Best Workers’ Compensation Blogs of 2019

I was reading Bob’s Cluttered Desk and noticed an article encouraging a Best Blog Contest. This competition is to recognize those of us in the workers’ compensation community who provide “top quality, cutting edge, informative content”. Or as Bob puts it, “or at least those of you who [...]

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What Does National Accreditation Mean to You as a Consumer of Healthcare?

I attended the IAIABC “CompCon 2019” in San Diego this week.  One of the sessions was a round-table between the Heads of Delegations from various states in the US, International Representatives from Germany, Canada, Russia and New South Wales and the IAIABC Associate Members (typically vendors who provide a [...]

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Case Management – is it a Profession of Professionals?

I read an interesting article on WorkCompCentral today regarding a class action suit by nurse case managers suing a case management company over the rights to overtime, rest and meal breaks while performing their duties as case managers. The assertion by the case managers was they did not use [...]

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Why Should You Visit the CompAlliance Booth #5312 at the NWCDC?

CompAlliance will be exhibiting again this year at the NWCDC. One or more of our service lines have been supporting and exhibiting at this conference since 1998!  So why should you take the time to stop by, surely you have heard it all before, right?  Wrong! I read a [...]

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The URAC Accreditation Committee met on August 14, 2018 and reviewed the CompAlliance application for re-accreditation for Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management Version 7.3 Program.  The Accreditation Committee voted to grant CompAlliance FULL Accreditation pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management, Version 7.3 Program. This award is effective from September [...]

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  Article prepared by: Glenda Garrard, Jay Garrard and Linda Van Dillen. SB1160 addressed a wide-ranging array of issues in Workers’ Compensation, and was signed in 2016 by California Governor Jerry Brown; it addressed delays and denials of medical care for injured workers and contained reforms assuring the highest [...]

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The True Impact of Case Management

  This week I have been working on CompAlliance’s re-accreditation for Utilization and Case Management, and as a result have been examining in detail our processes, protocols and procedures.  It made me think of an article I recently read on LinkedIn by someone who performs file reviews and analysis [...]

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Julie Weir, Senior VP at CompAlliance Interviewed at the KS DOL Conference

CompAlliance is always honored to support and exhibit at the KS Department of Labor Conference every year. This year, Julie was interviewed at our booth and asked to describe the services we provide for the Midwest region. Here is a link to the interview. For more information about CompAlliance [...]

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Case Managers and Applicant Attorneys – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  The workers’ compensation industry gets a lot of bad raps about how we conduct our business. There are “exposés” by organizations talking about the injustices within the workers’ compensation system. I see law firm ads throughout the country stating “they are for the people” and will help you [...]

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URAC Is Seeking Comments on Proposed Revisions to Case Management Standards

As you may know, CompAlliance is URAC accredited for Case Management. I recently participated in a Case Management Advisory Group that reviewed the proposed revisions to the Case Management Standards. We met twice weekly from April through May. This was quite an undertaking and I do believe we were able to [...]

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